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Nonsuch Marketing Brochures & Specifications

With thanks to Doug Hall and Ron Schryver, copies of the original Nonsuch brochures and specifications are now available on the Website. Doug and Ron scanned the documents so that they could be added to the Website.

A further selection of marketing brochure have been provided by Jim Eastland, Eastland Yachts Inc. and Havre De Grace Yacht Sales.
The additional pamphlets and brochures include the Nonsuch 260, 324, Nighthawk36  and Nereus40
Also included are Hinterhoeller Yacht brochures and Nousuch sailing guides
These have been scanned and uploaded by Ted Eedson, February 2018


Please note that these are PDF versions  that allow you to easily print them if desired. On the PDF versions you will see a button at the top of the page that you can click on to print. This button although visible, does not print on the document.

Nonsuch 22 Brochure

Nonsuch 26 Brochure

Nonsuch 26 Insert

Nonsuch 260

Nonsuch 30 Brochure

Nonsuch 324

Nonsuch 33 Brochure

Nonsuch 33 Insert

Nonsuch 36 Brochure

Nonsuch 36 Insert

How to Sail a Nonsuch

Nonsuch How & Why

Hinterhoeller Yachts

The Experience Shows

NightHawk 36

Nereus 40



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