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North Chanel Nonsuch Rendezvous 2016

It was another magnificent day of sailing in the world class North Channel. I eagerly looked ahead as the Captain, my husband, Gerry Neave, announced excitedly, “There’s another Nonsuch headed our way!”  Seeing another Nonsuch is always a thrill as this has been only an occasional occurrence during our 15 summers of sailing, first on a 22 foot Nonsuch, ChockLate, and now for the last 8 years, on a comfy cruising 30 U, ECHO, on which we spend 6-7 weeks each summer. We waved enthusiastically at the approaching Nonsuch and were surprised to be hailed on the radio. This boat called Mariner’s Cat V, as we determined by looking at her stern with our binoculars, announced that there would be a rendezvous of Nonsuch boats in the area and we should listen to the popular Cruisers’ Net on Channel 71 to find out when. 

The inimitable Roy Eaton of Cruisers Net fame announced there would be a Nonsuch rendezvous August 17 and so we changed our sailing plans in order to attend this last minute get together. We were glad we did!


This almost spontaneous potluck rendezvous was held in beautiful Sturgeon Cove on the night of the full moon with a clear sky. Six Nonsuch boats attended as well as one other boat’s crew who were anchored in the same bay. Georgian Mist crew were proclaimed honourable members as they claimed they only flew one sail at a time!

The Potluck “on the rocks” was terrific with the sociable crews of Doux AmerGood NewsPreludePersistenceMariner’s Cat V and our Echo. The get together was pronounced a wonderful success and the hope was expressed that this would be the first annual North Channel Nonsuch Rendezvous. It was simple, easy and very inexpensive! Perhaps we can organize this a bit earlier next year - the first week in August was suggested.  Thanks to Thor and Debbie Powell (Mariner’s Cat V) and Bob and Maggie Jenkins (Good News) who spearheaded this wonderful time - hopefully the first of many! And perhaps more Nonsuch boats who have discovered the beauties of the North Channel will join us.


Photos provided by Bob Jenkins and Carol Neave

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