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Regional Events 2016






Additionally, I would like to introduce a new committee formed to further develop membership and organize events.

Mark Powers (President, though not voluntarily), Ray & Sandy Dykstra (2018 Winter Rendezvous Organizers), Mike & Penny Swietzer (US Communications), Jim & Heather Drake (Niagara membership) and Ray & Heather Hebden (Summer Rendezvous support).  Additionally, Michael Riley is writing articles for 48 North and Pacific Yachting so watch for these! I will continue to assist with Roster and email communications.

Your volunteer committee will be reaching out to everyone on the Roster in the upcoming weeks.  Our efforts are aimed at not only building membership but ensuring all Roster information is complete and looking for new ways to enhance the Nonsuch Niagara Northwest Rendezvous experience.

Many thanks to everyone for volunteering their time and helping to continue our great Northwest association!

Susan Kidd


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